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"Unlocking the harmony of wellness and education within a child has become a life-long journey. I'm so humbled to be able to impact the lives of our future generation, with the help of generous partnering with some of the most passionate and driven philanthropists globally. "  Dr. Nadine Wong

Dr. Nadine Wong


Dr. Nadine Wong, Dr. Tri, I.M.G, Therapist


The Alabaster Gates Children’s Charity is Canada Charity that was founded in 2010.

The vision of Alabaster Gates Children’s Charity is founded to establish cultural liaison between Canadian Students and other countries students. 

The charity’s mission is education educate children beyond their limitations.

 The charity’s initiatives are executed through:

  • Alabaster Gate Children's Charity (AGCC) provides cultural programming liaison between Canadian students and their peers around the world. This foundation establishes building cultural awareness amongst children of African Descent and other cultural. Teaching Canadian children of African Descent of their cultural heritage, and opening their experience to other cultures. This is done by teaching them to embrace the similarities of other cultures and respecting their differences.  The cultural awareness training allows them to thrive, be successful and in their education, in their everyday life; and embrace the values, dreams, and aspirations in this rich and diverse country that is their home. 


  • All scheduled activities are completed in Canada.  The students benefiting from AGCC are Canadian Students, specifically Students of African, Caribbean, and other Immigrants Students. The Students will be tutelage in ancestral heritage, pride as Canadians, and pride in their joint heritage through our programming and such will establish the foundation of alliances to cultural awakening.  


  • The AGCC is committed to helping the children grow and thrive in their native country of Canada.  The charity’s goal as an organization is to institute exchange programs with schools from various countries, for example, Jamaica. In participation, the Jamaican students will establish alliances between Canada, and bring students from Jamaica to Canada for a semester.  It allows the Canadian students of Jamaican Heritage to learn of their heritage, and provide Jamaican students with the opportunity to learn about Canadian cultures and values.



No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and feed.

  • School Supplies and uniforms for every child
  • Scholarships for students going to College or University
  • Every student will have a minimum of two hot meals per day
  • Local and International Mentoring for students
  • Increased Corporate partnerships and donations
  • Annual gala to raise funds
  • To establish International Satellite Offices 


- In May of that year Dr. Wong visits to her childhood home in Jamaica and an encounter with a young boy confirmed that it was imperative she does not wait to start the charity.

Alabaster Gate Children's Charity was launched in June.

2011 - Donations from Mr. Philip Rose and The Jamaica Tourist Board, WestJet Airlines

2014 - Alabaster Gate Children's Charity partners with Digicel Jamaica for The International Education Skype Project. Donating Partners now include McKenzie Seeds and Fly Jamaica